School Impact

School Impact Program

We are committed to improving the lives of entire communities by impacting what is any community’s most valuable resource — it’s children.

CEIN-PAIN Escuela El Molino is a government managed nursery, preschool and primary school in the Tecpán area. In September of 2017, volunteers from Team Hope learned of the needy school when they donated the team’s leftover food supplies. The children and the teachers captured the hearts of those volunteers and of the IEP staff, and the School Impact program was born.

IEP firmly believes that if you can measure it, you can improve it. Anyone who has done volunteer work knows that helping less fortunate people feels good. The smiles of those helped are payment enough for volunteers. But good feelings and smiles are not enough to ensure that real goals are met. With this in mind, IEP developed a socio-economic study to collect data (demographic, health, income, housing) on each family in the school community. The surveys will be updated on a regular basis to measure changes resulting from School Impact.

Our Strategy

The staff of Escuela El Molino is working with IEP as this pilot program is fine-tuned for use in communities throughout Guatemala.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Steps are being taken to create a proper environment for learning. Donors provided windows and doors for an unfinished classroom. A new lease was negotiated to increase the footprint of the school grounds. Plans are underway for a chicken coop, new latrines, and more classrooms.


IEP provides one nutritious meal a day to the students at the school. We are fighting food insecurity in this community with the help of our partner,  Fundarveja, who provides a weekly donation of fresh green vegetables. Since this food program was initiated, school attendance has increased by 20%.


IEP would like to declare El Molino a smoke-free community in the near future. 100% of the families from the school have signed up to receive a smoke-free stove in their homes, and they have committed to save and to pay for a small percentage of the cost of that stove. A donation of $250 dollars buys a stove and a water filter for one family.

IEP has mission trips with volunteers
from all over the world, throughout the year.