Team Hope 2018 Trip Recap

Team Hope 2018 Trip Recap

September 1 – 8, 2018, Over 120 volunteers from all over the world completed their 2nd annual mission trip to Guatemala.

Team Hope, our largest volunteer group, is made up of 3 main groups, the Surgery Team, the Clinic Team and the Community Development Team.

In Just 5 Days

  • Our Surgery Team performed 114 life-changing surgeries.
  • 1287 patients were treated at our clinic.
  • 70 Stoves and Water Filters were installed.
  • 27 Picnic Benches, 10 Tables, and a New Playground were built.

We are so thankful to announce this year’s mission as a complete success. With every patient treated surgically or in the clinic, with every home that was made safer and healthier with a stove and water filter, and with each improvement to  El Molino School, our team INSPIRED HOPE!